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Indian Yellow. Half pan, full pan or bottle cap of handmade watercolor paint

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Indian Yellow.

Indian Yellow is a historical pigment, originally made in India. This modern version is lightfast and non-toxic, with unique handling characteristics that are versatile on the palette. It has a strong enough presence to mix well with other colors, making mixes that are unique. This color can vary from golden brown to clear light yellow, depending on the amount of pigment you use. 

Individual pans do not come with magnets. If you'd like magnets added to your pans at no charge, please indicate that in the "Notes" section at checkout.  

Color index: Py150
Lightfastness: excellent
Transparency: Semi
Tinting Strength: average
Toxicity: Non-toxic
Shimmer: no

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sally Knight
Magic Yellow

Depending on how I use it, Indian Yellow can yield delicate warm yellows all the way to colors reminiscent of ochres and siennas — or even the whole range all at once! This is my favorite yellow.

Pam Rogers
Magic color

This specific color gave a rich deep glow to my paintings. It has depth and yet a sheerness that makes for magic on paper