About Ruby Mountain

Ruby Mountain began as a way to get back to my painting practice. Inspired by materials and the landscape, I was searching for paints created in a more natural way, that mimicked the colors I saw in the western landscape around me. 

Yearning for a deeper and more meaningful connection to my materials, I began creating my own handmade watercolors in 2017 at my kitchen table. Even back then, it was important that my paints were non-toxic, lightfast, and as environmentally-friendly as possible. I had recently reignited my love for plein air painting, and much of what I create is meant to be easily portable for taking on all sorts of adventures. 

Now my little business has expanded to include handmade pigment sticks, Pigment Salt Sprinkles, handmade sketchbooks, brush rolls and more handmade supplies designed to inspire artists to get outside and paint more. 


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Hi Kate!
Thank you for all of the beautiful paints you create! I especially love the themed palettes. The paints are of such high quality and so lovely to work with.
I wish you all great success in your work!
Best regards,

Christine Canning

Thank you for the beautiful pallet. I want to try making my own watercolor and I really enjoy learning from you. Thanks!


Hello Kate!
So excited to try the new pallets! As always your watercolors are so beautifully and thoughtfully chosen and even their “names” set the mood for creating beautiful paintings. Recently, when I have been feeling a bit tired but still want to paint, I have been playing with the pigment salts. Wow! They are so fun and surprising! I am so happy that Ruby Mountain is such a great success! You deserve it! Blessings to you and yours for a peaceful and joyful holiday season and beyond.

Christine Canning

My daughter just came back from ski trip at Copper Mountain. I am a watercolor artist in Mississippi. She brought back a little “happy” gift for me of two of your handmade watercolors in bottle caps. Great choice. I am so excited to try them. I’m eyeing a full palette which I see on your site,

Corinne Barnhill

The website is beautiful, Kate! I’m so happy for your success and growth! Honored to have been here from the beginning! Wooo hoooo!


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