About Ruby Mountain

Ruby Mountain began as an overwhelming need for creation, for connection to the world through art supplies and through a desire to grow my own art practice. I began creating handmade watercolors in my kitchen in 2017, and handmade watercolors are still the backbone of Ruby Mountain. My watercolors are still non-toxic, lightfast and professional quality. Along with handmade watercolors, I also offer pigment sticks, hand-sewn sketchbooks and more in our online shop. 

New this year, you'll also find opportunities for learning and connection, both in-person and online. 

What makes Ruby Mountain watercolors special?

Quality & Experience
Ruby Mountain Paint Co. started in January 2017 after much research and experimentation. I use my own unique binder formula based on traditional watercolor binders. It contains only gum arabic; local raw honey from Colorado; vegetable glycerine and essential oil as a natural preservative. I use organic ingredients whenever possible. Only high-quality, artist-grade, lightfast pigments are used in my paints. I do not use any fillers, brighteners or extenders, just pure pigment and binder. 

All the pigments used in Ruby Mountain Paints are non-toxic. I do not make any paints that contain heavy metals, lead or mercury.

As much as possible, I offer paints in earth-friendly, plastic-free palettes. I am constantly looking for environmentally friendly options for artists. I package your order with minimal packaging, in recyclable mailers, and with reused materials whenever possible.

Outstanding Customer Service
I take great pride in getting to know my customers as artists. I enjoy recommending paints I think will work with each artist's style and interests. I love working with individuals to create custom palettes or custom colors just for them. Please contact me if you are interested in a custom order.

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My daughter just came back from ski trip at Copper Mountain. I am a watercolor artist in Mississippi. She brought back a little “happy” gift for me of two of your handmade watercolors in bottle caps. Great choice. I am so excited to try them. I’m eyeing a full palette which I see on your site,

Corinne Barnhill

The website is beautiful, Kate! I’m so happy for your success and growth! Honored to have been here from the beginning! Wooo hoooo!


Happy New Year Kate! I love your new website! Looking forward to many more years having you as my color supplier! -Kelly Anderson, Ann Arbor, MI


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