About Ruby Mountain

About Ruby Mountain

Ruby Mountain began as an overwhelming need for creation, for connection to the world through art supplies and through a desire to grow my own art practice. I began creating handmade watercolors in my kitchen in 2017, and handmade watercolors are still the backbone of Ruby Mountain. My watercolors are still non-toxic, lightfast and professional quality. Along with handmade watercolors, I also offer pigment sticks, hand-sewn sketchbooks and more in our online shop. 

New this year, you'll also find opportunities for learning and connection, both in-person and online. 

What makes Ruby Mountain watercolors special?

Quality & Experience
Ruby Mountain Paint Co. started in January 2017 after much research and experimentation. I use my own unique binder formula based on traditional watercolor binders. It contains only gum arabic; local raw honey from Colorado; vegetable glycerine and essential oil as a natural preservative. I use organic ingredients whenever possible. Only high-quality, artist-grade, lightfast pigments are used in my paints. I do not use any fillers, brighteners or extenders, just pure pigment and binder. 

All the pigments used in Ruby Mountain Paints are non-toxic. I do not make any paints that contain heavy metals, lead or mercury.

As much as possible, I offer paints in earth-friendly, plastic-free palettes. I am constantly looking for environmentally friendly options for artists. I package your order with minimal packaging, in recyclable mailers, and with reused materials whenever possible.

Outstanding Customer Service
I take great pride in getting to know my customers as artists. I enjoy recommending paints I think will work with each artist's style and interests. I love working with individuals to create custom palettes or custom colors just for them. Please contact me if you are interested in a custom order.

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Happy New Year Kate! I love your new website! Looking forward to many more years having you as my color supplier! -Kelly Anderson, Ann Arbor, MI


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