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Deep Water Pigment Salt Sprinkle

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Deep Waters Pigment Salt Sprinkle

These Pigment Salt Sprinkles add so much fun and texture to your artwork. Compatible with traditional watercolors, watercolor pencils, pens, and more, these super fine pigment powders are blended with salt to give you unexpected color bursts and textures. Sprinkle it on wet paper and watch the colors explode! A little goes a long way, as pigment particles are very fine.

Directions for Use:

Simply sprinkle it onto wet paper and watch the colors flow! I like to use a dry brush to dip in the tin and then tap it off onto my paper. You can also add Pigment Salt Sprinkles to some to water where it will dissolve and can be used like liquid watercolor paint or ink. I have had customers use it on many surfaces including bisque-fired clay and wood. 




Customer Reviews

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Nancy Griffin
Love it!

Couldn't love it more...smooth pigment, VIVID color, fun active movement in water!