Recommended Supplies

I am often asked for recommendations for other art supplies like paper and brushes. Here are some of my favorite art supplies I use and love in my own studio practice, in case you want to try them out too. 



BoaHong Paper Sample Pack 

BoaHong Watercolor Paper Blocks, all sizes and textures  (this is my current favorite brand for good paper)

Arches Watercolor Paper Block , Rough 7" x 10" (double pack) 

Canson XL Watercolor Paper Pad, 9" x 12"  (affordable practice paper) 


Six Watercolor Paint Brushes for Beginners by Kristy Rice


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Sakura White Jelly Roll Pens, 3 pack in assorted sizes  (love these for adding details on top of dry watercolor)

Sharpie Felt Tip Pen, set of 2 Black