About the Landscape Essentials Palette

Perfect for landscape painters, this set of ten non-toxic and lightfast colors is easy to take along on all your adventures. Containing earth and mineral colors packed with pigment, this earthy landscape set was carefully curated for the landscape artist who is also a lover of natural hues. 

Each color was carefully chosen for this palette after trying many different possible hues. Read on for more about each color's history, use and purpose in this palette. 

Venetian Red, PR 102

This color is created from Italian earths which vary in color depending on their location due to the amount of natural iron and other minerals in the earth. This color has long been a staple in artist's palettes and was often used in portrait painting during the Renaissance. This particular pigment is a warm, transparent red with a wide value range from a family owned quarry in Italy. 

Orange Ocher, PY 43

This vibrant and warm natural orange comes from a quarry in France. It is smoother and creamy, mixes readily with other colors and has a wide value range. 

Yellow Ocher, PY 43

From a quarry in France, this yellow ocher is bright, vibrant and strong enough to work well in mixes. It is smooth and creamy. 

Bohemian Green Earth, PG 23

Green earths are a pigment long used by painters. Green earths vary in color and consistency based on the area where they are from, this green from areas historically known as Bohemia is a vibrant and transparent green. 

Cerulean Hue, PB 15

Cerulean Blue hue is a non-toxic, synthetic form of traditional Cerulean Blue. This particular blue was chosen for the landscape palette because as a non granulating blue, it is perfect for skies and water. It is extremely strong and very highly tinting in mixes, so a light touch is needed. 

Indigo, NB 1

Indigo is a natural blue created from the indigo plant. Long used for dying cloth, indigo makes a deep, almost black blue for watercolor and allows not only a wide value range, but this color is also useful for mixing other colors as well. 

Violet Hematite, PR 102

This deep and moody violet-brown color has a natural and subtle shimmer. It can work for many things in a landscape painter's palette, including shadows, skies, rocks, plants and more. 

Brown Ocher, PY 43, PBk 11

This brown ocher was chosen for its true brown color, neither too dark nor too light. An earthy brown with a hint of natural shimmer, this pigment is dark without being overpowering. 

Titanium Buff, PW 6:1

This neutral creamy buff color can be used in mixes to shift colors to a whole new spectrum. Use it to create lighter highlights over the top of dried colors. It is a wonderful creamy color that mixes well with other colors.

Black Oxide, PBk 11

This black oxide from Germany is very high tinting, smooth and creamy. I like to use it as I would ink, without the added mess and possibly spills that come along with taking ink on the trail. 

All together, this set of ten handmade colors offers a well rounded palette for the outdoor painter. The intensity of these particular colors allows each pan to last a long time, while also offering a wide range vibrant hues to match the landscape, no matter where your adventures take you.  

Purchase the Landscape Essentials Palette here. 

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