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Ruby Mountain

Earthy Primaries Pigment Sticks, a set of three drawing sticks in primary colors

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Earthy Primaries.

A small trio of pigment sticks in earthy colors: Ercolano Red, Yellow Ocher and Maya Blue.

Maya Blue is a little harder than the other two and works best on damp paper or when dipped into water. 

Pigment Sticks are pure pigment and a natural gum binder, nothing else. These pigment sticks are similar to soft pastels, although not as chalky and dusty in the hand. They are water soluble, and can be used on wet or dry paper. Use a wet brush to move and blend pigments on the page, like watercolor pencils.  

All colors are lightfast and non-toxic. 

Customer Reviews

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Nancee Sebenaler
Beautiful Earthy Colors

I use these pigment sticks as soft pastels. The colors are nicely saturated and very blendable on sanded paper. They go on smooth and slightly gritty which I love. I will order more whenever new colors are introduced. It is so special to have a local source for handmade pastels.