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The Long's Peak Studio Palette, a handmade watercolor set for the studio

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The Long's Peak Studio Palette

This large set features fifteen handmade watercolors in up-cycled bottle caps, a large lid for mixing, and a few little extras like a mini pencil, clip and eye dropper. Each color is lightfast and non-toxic, carefully mulled by hand in my Colorado studio. This set was chosen for versatility in both color mixing and texture, and named after a prominent 14,000 foot mountain peak seen from my studio, Long's Peak. 

This palette features: Natural Red, Orange Ocher, Italian Yellow, Canary, Nicosia Green, Turquoise, Antica Green, Ultramarine Blue, Maya Blue Light, Vine Black, Slate, Fawn Ocher, Glittering Gold, Blizzard and Winter Stars. 


This tin measures 7" x 4" x .5". Each cap is held in place with a strong magnet. Bottle caps hold about the same about of paint as a full pan, so this studio set will last awhile.