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Potter's Pink. Half pan, full pan or bottle cap of handmade watercolor paint

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Potter's Pink

Potter's Pink was invented by an unknown English potter in 1780, and is a dark, subdued red, with a beautiful granulation.

Individual pans do not come with magnets. If you'd like magnets added to your pans at no charge, please indicate that in the "Notes" section at checkout.   

Color index: Pr233
Lightfastness: Not rated
Transparency: Semi
Tinting Strength: average
Toxicity: Non-toxic
Shimmer: no

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Meisner
Potter's Pink

Beautiful granulation color. Kate's paints are top notch. They do as expected per pigment behavior and are very vivid and intense. Not as in your face as Rembrandt watercolors, but just a few notches below. Definitely more vivid than Schmincke. I enjoy her paints. No fillers, just pigment. You can tell.