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Ruby Mountain

Tide Pool Set, a handmade watercolor painting set

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Inspired by the hues of salty shorelines and fleeting tide pools, this set has a unique assortment of half pans and one ceramic pan, paired with a mini pencil and eye dropper. Contained in a travel tin, this set easily packs along on all your shoreline adventures, real or imaginary. 

This palette features:
Monte Carlo Green
Extra Light Ocher
Paris Green
Antica Green
Raw Umber
French Pale Green
Black Oxide
Ultramarine Violet
Rose Earth
Titanium Buff
True Blue
and a ceramic pan of Violet Glimmer 

Each plastic half pan is held in place with a strong magnet and the lid doubles a a great mixing surface, making this palette a practical choice for all kinds of adventures. All colors are lightfast and non-toxic. 

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